Illustrating our map of intersections and paths that lead us to where we are now turned out to be more difficult than we thought.

We pretty much all started with the hype. Then, the breadcrumbs were thrown into all directions.

We had all those different footprints of tags but identifying even only one individual path seemed impossible.

What we realized, while tracking our footprints and trying to find paths carved deeply into the ground, was that our mind simply doesn’t think in such straight terms.

So, rather than forcing us to detect those concrete paths we just started to connect our tags the way we had interrelated them in our posts.

That’s what came out! The result may not give details about who used which tag. But we clearly did when we were putting it together as a group. And it was pleasing to see that all our efforts in the (almost) end created such a interrealated, diverse and complex thing!

To read more about our individual achievements check out the After Effects section of our blog.

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