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Down In The Jungle

February 12, 2012


Crash-landing This is not going to be a paraphrase of my A-Ha! effects. This will evaluate how a couple of things have changed for me throughout the studies at the HWR. The A-Ha! effects will play a role though. In the beginning of the semester, I clearly had a problem. Not knowing whether this is […]

Hey, Hot Shot!

February 8, 2012


Jen Benkman really fascinates me. She offers a lot to upcoming, already in business artists, or the ones who lost their track in the business of sharing and selling art. My last blog posts gave you further information on how 20×200 works and how artists profit from it. Also I talked about how the business […]

20×200 continued

January 29, 2012


My last post offered you an insight on 20×200. In this one I want to talk about the recruitment of artists, their payment, traditional ways and new paths and of course cite the hosts amibition. Selection Of course, the selection of artists is not an easy thing to do. I think, the larger the offer […]


January 24, 2012


“I think there are tons and tons of people who don’t buy art, because no one’s tried to sell it to them”, says Jen Bekman, founder of 20×200. I will tell you more about 20×200 in a minute. How did I get there? Well, since I paint pictures myself, I asked myself the question, how […]

This is not even close to what I wanted to write about

January 3, 2012


The trend of online fundraising seems to focus on non-profit organizations. Why and how does that work? Maybe people don’t like to donate for something, someone else is profiting from. There needs to be a sublime and unselfish thought behind it. Which is in the first lane a great thing. Still, there is money needed […]

To taste blood

December 17, 2011


This blog post will describe how I ended up where I am in terms of blogging. Current status. Before joining the start-up group, I had to make up my mind about start-ups on a berlin based point of view. I learned a lot about a topic which I never really focused on or which never […]

Raising a fund!

December 10, 2011


Raising a Fund! My last blog post described how some lucky guys from Berlin, the ‘6Wunderkinder’ received an investment of $4 million dollars. The first thought was, oh great, they are so damn lucky. Starting their business and getting direct support. Well, the fogginess cleared up and I started to realize, this is not the […]