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Get in touch with start-ups!

February 12, 2012


Hello everyone, here is a last minute call for all the people out there that share our interest for start-ups.  Next week on Wednesday there is an interesting event, organized by Linking Talents, which is dedicated to Entrepreneurship and Startups. It will be hosted by the Berlin Campus of ESCP Europe and if you want […]

Opposites attract

February 10, 2012


This might not only be true for the choice of partner, but for many other areas in life. For example in business: in this post I would like to examine the importance of interdisciplinary teamwork and connect it to start-up businesses. Interdisciplinary work, interdisciplinary studies, interdisciplinary learning,… Those terms and definitions are not new to […]

“Kitchen – Networking” or “How to teach a man how to fish”

January 22, 2012


From a kitchen-talk to a blog post: how I got there  A couple of weeks ago I went to a birthday party and as usual, the kitchen was once again the central contact point of the flat, where spontaneous conversations with complete strangers took place. This is exactly what happened to me; I had an […]

Non-profit = the good guys!?

January 15, 2012


In this post I am going to present the results of my research about non-profit organizations and for-profit organizations and their differences. If we hear the term “non-profit-organization”, that sounds pretty good to us, doesn’t it? Seems like they don’t care about the money and just want to do good! How nice. According to in […]

The temptation of profit

January 15, 2012


As I got really interesting feedback on my last two blog posts about CouchSurfing and as Nico picked this topic up again in his post “This is not even close to what I wanted to write about” I decided to make a new post about the same topic in order to answer all the questions that […]

CouchSurfing’s cash injection (The Making-Of)

December 27, 2011


Being a member of CouchSurfing and having some new travel destinations in mind, I was actually going to update my CouchSurfing profile, but then got distracted clicking around on the website. When I started reading stuff on the “Media Information” page, it catched my interest that CouchSurfing stated that it just turned from a non-profit […]

CouchSurfing’s cash injection

December 27, 2011


Like the story of 6Wunderkinder that Nico treated in one of his posts, Couchsurfing was also one of the lucky start-up communities that were able to retain sponsoring money in this year. In the case of CouchSurfing it was an amount of $7.6 million in funding from Benchmark Capital and Omidyar Network. Accepting this money […]