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Never stop learning: Lecturio

November 22, 2012


No matter if you are still a student, a professional or an entrepreneur: The key to success lies in continuous improvement. The founders of Lecturio were aware of that and created a knowledge platform, I recently came across. What does it offer, how can it help us? Find it out here! Advertisements

New Entrepreneurs in Berlin: How to find a crib with LocaBerlin

November 21, 2012


Trouble finding an apartment in Berlin? This is no surprise! Berlin may be spacious and sometimes feel like a small village but apartments are scarce! Luckily, there is a new real estate platform specialized in real estate in Berlin. Let me introduce: LocaBerlin!

Why crime bosses are hot or How to become a pirate

January 23, 2012


Well, not all of them are hot. But think of the real bad ones. Those with the money. With charisma. With muscles and posture. Those who know what they want and get it. Those from the top of the food chain.  Still doesn’t sound familiar? Never mind, as this is neither going to be an […]

On the road to success or Throw Momma From The Train

January 12, 2012


When I was living in Shanghai I met an entrepreneur. He was Brazilian and full of Brazilian fire. Always by his side: his Chinese girlfriend. And her mother. The monster in law didn’t want him to be an entrepreneur but a teacher, even though he was very successful. I just learnt they broke up: a […]


January 10, 2012


It’s Monday, 12:10. Place of action: the HWR canteen. While some protagonists seem to have the usual weekend jetlag you can catch other more resolute individuals on the run to their next classes, getting their caffeine shot to get ready for their next shot of curriculum. I could continue categorizing by comparing their styles of […]

Get a face Or PLEASE not another fb-post!

December 28, 2011


Don’t worry this post is not going to comment on the likes that accompany your life and it’s not going to warn you about a boss who discovers your party habits. It’s also not going to try to prevent Facebook from entering the stock market or give you advice on how to acquire the stocks […]

Behind my words

December 18, 2011


My last post was about adding words that work to Adwords. Now, it’s about my words and how they worked their way into wordpress. The idea In my first marketing-post I had entered the vast world of marketing for startups and I had made the promise to focus on particular strategies later on. Naturally, I […]