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I am a Toyota – Learning how to drive faster

February 12, 2012


If you have read the last two (one, two) posts of the series “I am a Toyota” you might know that I might have been quite occupied lately with studying for various exams. That’s the reason why I haven’t uploaded a new post in two weeks. I have a quite good feeling about what I […]

I am a Toyota – Checked tires and fuel status to drive where again?

January 22, 2012


As mentioned in the first post of my series “I am a Toyota” I described the background of the problem I have. It’s the end of semester, I have several exams to sit and some other stuff to do for uni. In short, I have to study more than I can take and it drives […]

I am a Toyota – Background

January 16, 2012


Alright, now here comes my next post. Everything I have at the moment is this image, tons of exam preparation at the back of my head and a burned out version of myself. We are not talking about a serious burn-out-desease here, which is sadly increasing it’s popularity in German because as my dad always says: “You […]

What’s next?

January 2, 2012


That’s not only an important question for the eurozone and the banking sector but also for businesses. In this wild jungle of overwhelming information it’s almost impossible to keep an overview. According to Amit Shafrir from TechCrunch you should not only have Silicon Valley in mind as a source of startups but also Europe symbolized by […]

Technology spoiling Business – Achievements of 2011

January 2, 2012


Of course every agone year needs a review. In this post I want to identify some major technological achievements spoiling the startup scene even more this year. According to gruenderszene the most important technologies spoiling the entrepreneurial activity in 2011 were: –       The progression of the cloud –       The enhancement of hardware –       High-speed mobile […]

Developing “Into the Wild”

December 16, 2011


Well as i said. It actually all started with the movie “Into the Wild”, which I hereby recommend to everyone who has not seen it. After getting my-lazy-self of the couch I started developing my idea of describing how to get from a dream to business. That as I started writing I realized this would […]

“Into the Wild”

December 16, 2011


Into the wild  I have just watched the movie “Into the Wild”, which encouraged me to write another blog post about fulfilling a dream. The movie actually describes the story of a man fleeing from the world he knew to fulfil his dream, the dream of discovering his own future. So sometimes do startups. Fleeing […]