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Exploring opinions on work-life balance

Sometime it all sucks, too much work and studying, the week is almost over and you feel you haven’t even come close to what you planned to do.

So you start whining and complaining about how horrible life is. Everybody does it, but from own experience I can say that it doesn’t really help other than annoy the people you are whining to.

“Work hard. Cry less. And realize that you’re part of history.”

On Uncrunched Micheal Arrington, founder of TechCrunch and a bunch of other internet Start-Ups, uses his anger about whining to tell everybody to shut up and appreciate life and just work a little harder rather than complain. For him reminding the people in Silicon Valley – and elsewhere – of what they are part of seems to be the right method. He offers a mantra: “Work hard. Cry less. And realize that you’re part of history.” His tone is harsh and still motivating, he shows up- and downsides of living to work.

But then he doesn’t offer his opinion; he screams it out at you.


So who the hell is Michael Arrington to tell us what to do?

And why is he blasting out his opinion to the world?

Michael Arrington has started TechCrunch about six years ago, left it and found another blog: Uncrunched, where he found a platform to shout out his opinion and thoughts – good or bad, whatever – seems to me, he likes attention.

Looking at his first blog post I wish I had 544 comments for a simple headline. Click on the link and check it out: other than the headline: “Here I am” and all the comments you won’t find any content.

Whereas in his second blog post: “What exactly am I doing here at Uncrunched?” he reflects on his work at TechCrunch and examines his motives and plans for his new platform: Uncrunched.

So, Michael Arrington has a lot of experience in start-ups, founding them, working in them and surely being totally annoyed by them. Since he built himself platforms and followers he uses them to make his opinion public. And tells you what to do.


Do I have to listen to him? Is it really a good way to just suck it up and work harder?

Mark Maunder offers his opinion in his blog mm. In his post “The whining is reaching a crescendo” he examines M.A.’s earlier described blog post and disagrees to a certain extend but acknowledges that he does have a point.

mm points out that Michael A. talks about and to employees of start-ups who chose their jobs with a complete knowledge of the work ahead of them and the risk they are taking. To make a point: how can you justify complaining about a job that you chose yourself?

He furthermore gives us the example of medical residents who work long hours to be a doctor one day. They do not have the perspective of earning a large amount of money when the company goes big.

So is it justified to be crying because of your job? mm says no. Since everybody can chose his/ her job, nobody is forced to do anything and honestly: if your job sucks: change something.

Gen X and Gen Y

In “Gen X to Gen Y: Quit whining, we have it worse” Jessica Stillmann reacts on two recently written blog posts in which each generation is being declared to have it worse. Being born in a recession, having no full-time job: having a difficult life.

The gist of the article is to show that everybody has his/ her own difficulties and at times we whine about it, but there is no reason to base it on the time we were born in or on the job we chose. Every generation has his difficulties, so we cannot change that. But the job we are doing, that’s mostly by choice.

Now what?

Writing this post I learned about different reasons to be whining about work. And honestly: to make it stop, change your job or love your job. Make it be great for you to go to work and start seeing how great it can be. In my opinion you don’t have to listen to M.A., but it’s good to hear that you’re not alone. Thus even though I don’t like his tone and attitude, it might be helpful to think about his words and just STOP WHINING.