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Alright, now here comes my next post. Everything I have at the moment is this image, tons of exam preparation at the back of my head and a burned out version of myself. We are not talking about a serious burn-out-desease here, which is sadly increasing it’s popularity in German because as my dad always says: “You have not experienced real stress yet, son.” but about stupid little student issues.

My dad is right. Everything I experience in this period of life is only preparation on what’s to come. It’s going to get rough. Real competition outside a save environment. Let’s bring it to the point, the student status I am in makes my environment basically treat me with velvet gloves including employers and even the state.

I hope you know what I mean though. Think of the end of your semesters taken. Exams! Commuting from home to uni and the library. Not much time to see friends and have some fun. In a series of posts I will try and solve the problem of not having time to have fun with friends, who might not study (yet), anymore or simply organize themselves a little better than I do. Simply said, I want get my head out of uni sometimes to study more stressless afterwards without losing track of my goals. Let’s call it a real life study of Toyota’s A3 model.

I just changed the topic.

Theme: Stress-free Studying

I. Background 

The sketch on the right reveals my personal background during exam period, which let’s me sleep a little less than my battery seems to requires even though I am within the healthy German average.

So let me explain the sketch first. I have exams quite soon. Sooner than anyone without internal knowledge might asume. I have been pretty lazy up until it’s gotten serious but that’s another topic.

Except that I have to study intensively now since exams are that soon I struggle a lot with evidently poor efficiency, which makes me spend even more time on library desks. This is probably caused by a bad organizational structure, because of which I basically commute from home to uni, work and libraries and rarely get my head out of uni.

Because that’s not enough my workload will be even increasing as time progresses. Since I am already struggling with the comparatively small amount of workload I figured I had to do something about it. I will probably not solve the problem this period (even though I try) but since I am learning for my own benefit I should really know how to improve my strategy.

You might wonder what all this has to do with startups but we will get to it as the series of posts progresses.

In my next post I will figure out the current conditions and state the goals of my adjustments.

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