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The trend of online fundraising seems to focus on non-profit organizations.
Why and how does that work?
Maybe people don’t like to donate for something, someone else is profiting from.
There needs to be a sublime and unselfish thought behind it.
Which is in the first lane a great thing.
Still, there is money needed to keep shit running.
The web offers a huge load of information and options to use.
Not all of them are commendable.
Still, some come along the way quite handy.

One of them is online fundraising.

I’m glad Lili wrote something about a non-profit organization
turning into a profit organization.

Now I have something to contact to.

So imagine the ‘Couchsurfing’ organization on day one.
We’re non-profit, but we need money.
They were able to stay alive.
Did they have in mind to turn themselves into a profit organization?
Maybe they also fundraised in the past.
Maybe even online.
Maybe they used the base of being non-profit to turn into profit.
Maybe they knew that only being non-profit in the beginnig will
bring them far enough to turn into profit.

Well just some crazy thoughts. I don’t want to claim anything.
Just thoughts. And anyways, we all know better from Lili’s post.

So if you want to fundraise online, Joanne Fritz gives you ten rules.


Here we go.

1. Get legal with your online fundraising.

2. Market your online fundraising program.

3. Explore all your options for online fundraising.

4. Make sure your website invites online donations.

5. Observe proper online etiquette in your online fundraising.

6. Provide lots of ways for people to donate – not just online.

7. Make sure that your website donation button is big and above the fold.

8. Provide the opportunity for non-monetary contributions such as volunteer time.

9. Show real donoes and specify how donations will help.

10. Try segmentation of your online fundraising audience.


Maybe next time I will write something about how online fundraising actually works.

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