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That’s not only an important question for the eurozone and the banking sector but also for businesses. In this wild jungle of overwhelming information it’s almost impossible to keep an overview.

According to Amit Shafrir from TechCrunch you should not only have Silicon Valley in mind as a source of startups but also Europe symbolized by tech hubs like London, Berlin and more recently Paris.

If you talk about these hubs according to Shafrir you should not overlook the following five startups.


Wooga is one of the hottest companies having emerged from the tech hub Berlin. The social gaming company is famous for their Facebook game “Diamond Dash” making it into the top ten of the network’s social games. Most recently the company launched the mobile version of the game.


The Berlin-based online music platform is one of the capital’s most famous startups. The company is growing at a rapid pace with over 8 million users in 2011. With focus on mobile platforms and apps, Soundcloud is expected to extend even further in the following year.


The short-term loans startup straight out of London is rushing forward quickly spoiled by a faltering UK economy increasing the need for such a service. Launched in 2007 the company today has a $101 million funding. Since the euro crisis is not over yet the need for easy and fast short-term loans will probably resist in 2012.


According to Shafrir the Berlin-based startup developing a photo-sharing app for Smartphones has succeeded to make it more of a good idea than the much more hyped app called Color. The company is still in its early days but definitely one to watch.


The French mobile music-on-demand site Deezer has declared its expansion to over 130 countries in 2012 making it to around 200. Surprisingly excluding the US because Deezer’s CEO does not see a growth in the smartphone usage of the US.

My Favorite.

As Nico stated in a previous post 6Wunderkinder have received a huge funding by Skype influenced Atomico and since their new software Wunderkit has still not launched yet I am expecting something to happen here. So we can be excited about what to come.

As a result we can see again than Berlin is out there and more and more interesting even for Silicon Valley based investors as mentioned by Shafrir as well. Wooga, Soundcloud, Eye-Em and 6Wunderkinder, all young and refreshing startups from Berlin that might conquer the market in 2012.

Let’s regard the Berlin hype as existing for another blessed year!

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