Technology spoiling Business – Achievements of 2011

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Of course every agone year needs a review. In this post I want to identify some major technological achievements spoiling the startup scene even more this year.

According to gruenderszene the most important technologies spoiling the entrepreneurial activity in 2011 were:

–       The progression of the cloud

–       The enhancement of hardware

–       High-speed mobile communication

–       Smartphones

Now how did these developments spoil the startup landscape?


Obviously many Cloud-services have enhanced drastically giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to solve their problems online without needing to buy all the technologies they might need to get started. Office, Firewalls, Virus Detectors and Storage are only some examples offered decentralized since last year.

Entrepreneurs really benefit from those achievements as they are saving a lot of time, money and make them work way more efficient than before.

The enhancement of hardware

Even though the industry had to recover from a big setback caused by the catastrophe in Japan the technology has improved rapidly in 2011. Especially hard-drives needed in every sector have enhanced whilst the prices have declined and is expected to do so even more. This solves the data storage issue to a further extend.

High-speed mobile communication

After first tests even urban customers can now enjoy high-speed communication offering new opportunities of software applications. Logically the ones to adapt the quickest have the highest possibility on market shares. Independent startups are usually the most flexible participant in this race.


Because of this high-speed communication network and other factors smartphones have continued their triumphal march. This also demands for additional software developments in the following years, which are likely to be implemented by startups as well. Also flexible, transparent OLED-Screens are going to hit the market in 2012 offering a whole new range of possibilities.

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