CouchSurfing’s cash injection (The Making-Of)

Posted on December 27, 2011 by


Being a member of CouchSurfing and having some new travel destinations in mind, I was actually going to update my CouchSurfing profile, but then got distracted clicking around on the website.

When I started reading stuff on the “Media Information” page, it catched my interest that CouchSurfing stated that it just turned from a non-profit community to a for-profit community a couple of months ago and I immediately thought about the subject of my blogging group: start-ups.

During my travels with CouchSurfing I got fascinated by the idea, had amazing times surfing people’s couches, met great people and experienced this vibrant spirit of the community, but never thought too much about the background or the legal state of this community.

That’s why I thought it could be interesting to explore the business background of CouchSurfing and so I did.

First of all I tried to get as much information as possible on the website itself and then went to Google for further researches.

On a blog post on, “Non-Profit CouchSurfing Raises Millions In Funding”, I discovered more aspects then were revealed on the CouchSurfing-website, but what was really interesting for me were the comments on this post. People had many different opinions on the legal change of the state of CouchSurfing and there were comments of members of similar networks like HospitalityClub who had really strong criticism on it, whereas there were members of CouchSurfing who justified their actions. In my blog post I tried to combine the information that CouchSurfing reveals about itself with some independent sources and to look at the change of state of the community from a non-profit to a for-profit from various angles.

As well I am really fascinated by CouchSurfing and due to my overall very positive experiences to travel with CS my personal interest was also to present this network to everyone who didn’t hear of it before.

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