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My last post was about adding words that work to Adwords. Now, it’s about my words and how they worked their way into wordpress.

The idea

In my first marketing-post I had entered the vast world of marketing for startups and I had made the promise to focus on particular strategies later on. Naturally, I was unable to break that written commitment. Especially not, when, last lesson, we were suddenly forced to discuss our next topics with complete strangers. So, I quickly decided for Adwords and Alina encouraged me to explore the use of Adwords.

A post is a quest…

I started digging on Geekwire, which had previously appealed to me. It didn’t have much about Adwords but instead, I found an interview in which the Moontango founder provides marketing advice for startups. He wants people to “moontango” stuff. In order to make your brand being used as a verb, your brand must be really powerful. And I couldn’t help but wonder, can you use this Adwords thing to achieve branding power?? I couldn’t tell by then but I had found a structure. I decided to compare some of his general marketing ideas with the effects of Adwords.

I continued by reading about how Adwords works. I found startup hustle good to begin with. At first, I couldn’t familiarize with everything they mentioned. That’s why I made a little tab excursion to step behind Adwords’ quality score.

Then, I remembered that I still had an unused link in my Zotero library from last time. I indeed found a few interesting  posts on Gründerszene and filtered for information about when and when not to use Adwords.

Next thing I did was linking all my ideas, manually, as a mindmap on the piece of paper next to me (mindmeister makes me aggressive). A bit more researching to add some information here and there and I started writing.

Round trip

I had included the what, how, when and why. But something was missing. I didn’t feel like adding a conclusion since my end was already pretty concluded. The missing point was more personal. It had been the inspiration for our whole blog theme: Berlin! So, I decided to finish by testing which of the startups we had mentioned so far, use Adwords. Luckily, my test confirmed the statements of my post, and I called it an end.

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