“Into the Wild”

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Into the wild

 I have just watched the movie “Into the Wild”, which encouraged me to write another blog post about fulfilling a dream.

The movie actually describes the story of a man fleeing from the world he knew to fulfil his dream, the dream of discovering his own future.

So sometimes do startups. Fleeing from offices implementing their dream into business. They basically head out “into the wild” world.

Fulfilling your dream

Now let me convert this into the meaning of getting your own idea set up, get a startup started.

The first thing you basically need is a unique idea. I assume that everybody has tons of ideas but one is usually scared of implementing it.

If you are really willing to do so there is an enormous number on doing so. The ones that come to my mind in this very moment of writing are as follows:

The paranoid way

According to rumours I have heard in the context of the ChatRoulette rise several years ago. The inventor of ChatRoulette Andrey Ternovskiy had the idea of developing the platform 5 years before he had actually launched it. Wasn’t he afraid of someone stealing his idea? He probably was afraid, which will have given him a very hard time of saving a secret and paranoia. So why did he wait for so long? He simply did not have enough money to build up a server to enable him launching. That he first set those servers up in his childhood bedroom might prove this statement. In the growth phase Andrejs parents invested in his idea but he payed it back quite quickly.

The easy way

Of course the easy way is not easy at all but it’s the most convenient of the possibilities I am talking about it this post. There are many incubators out there. The one that came to my mind quite quickly is Rocket Internet. Those incubators actually don’t only support the development of a startup with financial resources but also a wide range of network contacts. This helps accelerating an idea quite quickly. The incubator will also be a partner throughout the development of the business plan.

The disadvantage of this procedure is the contract you will have to sign with the incubator in order to receive his backup. I will not provide concrete numbers but let me tell you that those contracts are close pretty close to exploitation.

The ambitious way 

The third way of getting started is finding someone who is convinced by your idea and willing to invest in it because he sees multiple benefits for the society in it. Larissa has described one example of the interaction in her post “Start-up by bus”. Evidently there are a lot of different ways of finding such an investor. On the bus trip, which has been described by Larissa startups meet other startups, which can give you important feedback and/or investors.

If you are at a certain stage though you don’t wont to receive feedback anymore but want to through a beta version of your product onto the market. In this stage you want to find someone who is investing in you. To do so a startup could apply on pitches all over the world to present your idea. Usually the one with the most unique idea is winning either a bootstrapping package to get your startup started or financial sources. Events like this are found all over the world, Seedcamp being the most famous in Europe or the ICT-Labs Pitch in Berlin.

As has describes it’s not done with finding an investor in a previous post. There are still zillion of things you have to look out for.