Developing “Into the Wild”

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Well as i said. It actually all started with the movie “Into the Wild”, which I hereby recommend to everyone who has not seen it. After getting my-lazy-self of the couch I started developing my idea of describing how to get from a dream to business. That as I started writing I realized this would require a very long post including the three possibilities I head stuck in my head.

Structuring my idea
I now started structuring my idea. Writing down my initial three topics in world and arranging words around it.

The paranoid way
This topic was as I mentioned developed on a rumor I have heard in the context of the establishment of ChatRoulette. Now I of course had to find out if this is true but I couldn’t so I decided to let the rumor be a rumor and describe my thoughts according to some facts I have found on the internet. Not very formal I know but it leaves room for speculations and maybe one of you knows. As I as reading the ChatRoulette article on Wikipedia I checked out the inspiration of the platform as well, which apparently was the movie “Deer Hunter” but since I have just watched a movie I didn’t decide to do so even though it sounded quite interesting.

The easy way
This entry was actually based on research I have done for one of my previous posts “Copycat“. So I already knew some stuff so I procrastinated myself a little bit with Facebook. Since nothing really important seemed to happen there I checked out again some sources about Rocket Internet and business incubators in general.

The ambitious way
This was actually based on knowledge I already had but as we are required to refer to some links I checked out again Larissa’s and Nico’s posts again in order to refer to them. Having done that and knowing were to include it I googled “startup pitch” because I have known that this existed already.
At the end of the day I did not reveal my whole research yet to have something in mind for the next post.

Post it
Inserting it into WordPress I noticed that this post is boring without an image so I startet checking out again my main source of images. Since I am kind of concerned about copyright issues I firstly look at one of my friend’s blogs so I don’t have to worry.
Found an image, inserted it, done.

Next stop, this post. Done for the evening. Nice night infront of me. Cheers

PS: I’d appreciate revealing lacks of efficiency in this process.