Start-up by bus

Posted on November 30, 2011 by


The way from your first business idea until the actual realization can be a long and winding road…but not if you take the Gründerbus! Let’s have a look at THE self-proclaimed start-up event of the year!


Each year Gründerbus gives six teams of 4 members the opportunity to take part in a bus trip that takes them from Munich to Berlin, from an idea to the realization. Gründerbus promises to provide workshops and an insight into the start-up scene hotspots along the road. In the end, so Gründerbus, the participants will have the chance to present their products, ideas and results in front of potential investors in Berlin. A real KICK-START, as they claim.

“10 days can teach you more than 10 years”

One of the participants, Jens Neuhaus, documents his experience in his blog. The first step, he states was the courage and decision to get engaged in such an experience! “Fascinating people” contributed to a huge pool of ideas. One secret ingredient he sees in the absence of fear about discussing them. And he also acknowledges the support of the experts who helped bringing their ideas to the next level. Their support ranged from teambuilding over networking to pitching. At first, I was wondering how the Gründerbus members dealt with competition. But I think the magic lies in the team spirit Jens experienced. He concludes that the most important aspects he learned were the power of team spirit and the courage to take action!

His next action: moving to Berlin and stirring it up!

What’s YOUR next action?

Are  you “the rockstar programmer”, “the creative genius” or “the entrepreneur and manager”? According to Gründerbus, you cannot only benefit by taking part in their bus trip but also by becoming part of their community. That way, you can share your ideas and interests and maybe even find partners or internships.

And even if you are not sure who you are, -ACT AND FIND IT OUT! I am convinced that the concept of Gründerbus can help you to look outside the box, meet people and encourage you to develop new ideas. I believe that just one common interest or goal is enough to make it to the next level, TOGETHER.