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As my partners in crime provided you with a real effin nice insight on what start-ups and especially start-ups from Berlin are all about, I don’t want to miss out.
Since the ones that read the posts know what the real deal is, I highly recommend my partners posts to the others.
If not, how do you intend to follow our blog and write sophisticated comments?
Don’t feel pushed, the following is going to push quite enough.


Skype pushes the Hype
The Berlin start-up ’6Wunderkinder’ created software like Wunderlist and right, not finished yet, Wunderkit. Wunderlist, is titled as an application with the ambition to make peoples lives more organized and structured. Those ’6Wunderkinder’ know how to do that, with significant success.
How? Wunderlist is available for almost every software platform, intuitively easy to understand and it’s FREE!
Over one million people use it by now, a software having it’s origin in Berlin.
I do not intend to praise the software, because we’re talking about start-ups here, not software.
Still, in order to understand the great success of a start-up, one has to know what idea drove it so far.
As Emily mentioned in her post, the start-up scene is not nice and comfy all the time.
It’s a lot of competition and hard work. A lot of start-ups collapse for different reasons.
One is the financial sector. If the budget is low, you can’t continue working.


Not in the case of ’6Wunderkinder’
Lucas mentioned Niklas Zennström, the founder of the world famous software, ‘Skype’.
Zennström supported ’6Wunderkinder’, via his investment company ‘Atomico’, with 4,2 million dollars! That is just incredible. Imagine being in the situation of those ’6Wunderkinder’.
Fulfilling your dream and on top, being sponsored by a great software creater. Fuck yeah, they did it!

’6Wunderkinder’s’ CEO, Christian Reber talks about visionary plans and ideas of the company.
’6Wunderkinder’ wants to become a first class tech company from Germany, which provides the user with internationally, well working software made in Berlin.
As you can see clearly in this example, the timing, the idea and of course a lot of luck are the conducting determinants.
So much for start-ups in Berlin.

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