„The Place to be“

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 If you ask Venture Village Berlin most definitely is the place to be for ambitious entrepreneurs. But what actually lies behind the façade of our energetic, creative and promising capital? What’s in it for us? Lets have a look at what the author claims:

  1. Highly developed web ecosystem
  2. Berlin and its affluent suburbs offer funding
  3. Favourable cost of living
  4. The German capital attracts international visitors
  5. Berlin is easily accessible internationally
  6. More universities means more qualified people
  7. Start Ups can scale ideally in Berlin
  8. Lots of service providers and politics within reach
  9. Perfect time zone between USA and Asia
  10. Berlin is a centre for media

Reading all the blog posts and different reasons – one less another more important – makes me feel so enthusiastic about the city I live in. The author virtually swamps me with positive expressions.

It appears the city has so much to offer that I start wondering why so many Start Ups from Berlin fail? The author makes success look tangible. But is it really? Doubtless there is a huge number of Start Ups here, but when talking about them the writer mentions ones who are more or less successful. But then it is naive to believe a city and its opportunities will open you every door. There is much more to it and we will view all sides of the coin as we proceed with our blog.

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