“arm aber sexy”

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In early 2000 Berlin’s major Klaus Wowereit claimed Berlin to be poor but sexy which almost all bloggers and entrepreneurs regard as being one of the main reasons of Berlin’s allurement but poorness usually doesn’t attract entrepreneurs. So what is behind that?

Berlin is simply cheap like Laurie Segal (CNN) declares, from cheap rents over cheap food to cheap labor. This is especially important for a young start-up. You can simply survive a little bit longer than in other major start-up cities like New York or London.

Niklas Zennström co-founder of Skype explains that it’s also very easy to find a place to live at and also finds that a creative atmosphere attracts entrepreneurs rather than a financial one. To him another important factor is the Technical University Berlin, providing entrepreneurs with an unlimited number of technical raw diamonds.

Sarah Lazy from Techchrunch one of the most renowned start-up blogs points out that Berlin is because of it’s historical background the perfect natural gateway between Western Europe’s mature economy and the surging talent of the East.

Not only that the city is alluring with certain professional benefits but Berlin is also very famous for its wild nightlife. You can your mind off work at any point of time on every single day of the week to afterwards start working again even more concentrated.

After Schuyler Deerman from siliconallee.com those were the reasons for entrepreneurs coming to Berlin earlier nowadays they come here because of the hype which has been created by the first ones arriving. Today it’s sufficient to justify your relocation with one word, Berlin.

This hype is enhanced by media reporting endlessly about the Berlin start-up scene but sooner or later this attention will fade and people will be talking about different topics again.

But what will happen to the scene without this very attention?

Schuyler believes that this lack of attention won’t bother the scene in any way but in the end it is how Alexander Ljung, co-founder of Soundcloud said: “I kind of get the feeling that the whole city of Berlin is a start-up. It’s fast-moving, chaotic. You don’t really know where it’s headed, but you know it’s headed in a good direction, and that’s a start-up feel.”

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