Berlin Berlin – tracking down a hype.

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On his blog on  Martin Weigert examines when the hype about Berlin started.

His focus lies on the current state of Berlin, which he insists is comparable with Silicon Valley. He sees proof for his thesis in the immense media attention towards the capital and takes his readers back to something that might even be more than just a hype.

While some of his readers claim the hype to be a come-back rather than a new beginning, a natural consequence of a cultural-rich city in central Europe or a feeling that originated during the Soccer Worldcup in 2006, Weigert’s turning point is May 2006.

That was when he met the Swedish music start-up SoundCloud who were “stirring it up” back then. They had moved from San Francisco to Europe because they found the music scene here more exciting. What made precisely Berlin their destination, we don’t know. Was it the cheap rent in connection with low wages, as some readers suggest?  SoundCloud stated that the abundance of DJs and clubs helped their success. Back then, they didn’t scent any hype but the feeling that Berlin was on the right track. They also argued that Germany needed a hub of web-companies at one place to allow success and creative ideas. And I suggest that taking their story as an example, they may be right – if music can attract music, why shouldn’t start-up attract start-up? Whether Berlin is the next Silicon Valley and whether 2010 was the beginning may be a question of perception. Fact is, Weigert believes it is. And euphoria such as his can attract even more euphoria or a variety of controversial blog comments. Multiply that and you got a hype.

What really is behind that hype, we will hopefully find out soon!

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